Predictions made in 2010.

BP will declare bankruptcy around 2017 - 2018. They will have first shuffled most of their assets into other companies.

Estimates are that the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is 100 times more intesnse and complex thanthe Alaskan Valdez oil spill, which took 21 years to settle.
There are many more parties involved in this spill, including the numerous subcontractors, and over 100 times as many local residents and 5 states instead of just one state, and many more towns and cities as well. They will all be involved in court cases.

BP will continue to operate in other parts of the world, perhaps with a different name.

GM will go bankrupt. The optimism that GM felt in 2011 will wane with the onset of low cost competition from other parts of the world.  With GM products costing more, the inevitable will happen and GM will go bust.

Both of the above predictions came to me while in a trance.

Boing will go bust too. Boeing's problems started with the first delays of the 787 Dreamliner. They
continue into 2011 with unexpected problems and further delays. They have further setbacks in 2012 with competition from aircraft manufacturers in Europe, Canada and Brazil. By 2015 airlines are starting to look at aircraft built in China.

Note July 27, 2013. Three years after my prediction, Boeing has had problems with the battery on the Dreamliner. The recent crash in San Francisco will be a problem as well, even though the 777 has a good record. What will hurt them will be the court cases, and negative publicity, even if they win. There was a nosewheel failure on their best seller the 737 recently.

My psychic flash in 2010 was regarding a crack in a wing of a Dreamliner. If that happens, it is a problem which is impossible to fix, without starting almost from scratch. Fairly soon they will have competition from the countries I mentioned in 2010 and also from China.

August 15, 2013. This is from the BBC news site. (My psychic flash about Boeing was in 2010)

Boeing to investigate new Dreamliner wiring fault.

Boeing has said that it will investigate the wiring defect that was found in a fire extinguisher system on three of its 787 Dreamliner jets.

The fault was found on jets operated by Japan's All Nippon Airways (ANA).

After ANA reported the fault on Wednesday, rival Japan Airlines turned back a 787 plane travelling to Helsinki from Tokyo to check the wiring.

November 23, 2013. The BBC news reports that 15 airlines operating the Dreamliner have been warned aboutengine icing problems. Since April of this year, there have been 6 incidents of losing engine power at highaltitudes. In 2010 most people would have thought my prediction for Boeing was nuts. What do you think now?

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