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How to be Happy. 3 Must Do's For a Happy Life."

About 8 minutes long.
"Once Upon Two Times. A Flying Story. A Life Story"

To be happy we have to forgive those who hurt us, and not live in the past.

About 7 minutes long.
"Fun with Kids. Lessons From Kids"

Lessons from kids which pertain to happiness.

About 8 minutes long.
"A Cup of Love. The Power of Kindness"

Powerful and inspiring. This speech has changed lives. And probably saved lives too. Find out how.

About 7 minutes long.
"Doing What Your Soul Really Wants"
       (The main key to being happy.)

A quote from this speech..... "Your soul does not give a rat's ass about being politically correct. Like wild flowers blooming in a war zone, your soul wants you to bloom too, no matter what is happening around you."

About 6 minutes long.
How to be happy in spite of all the bad news out there.

There certainly is lots of bad news out there, and it is easy to get feeling down about it all.
Admittedly, my predictions on this site are not about things looking good in the coming years.

So how can we be happy, with all this gloom? First, know that it is possible. Second realize that big changes may be needed within yourself. The world economy will continue to go through big changes, and you will have to change too. If you are not willing to change, you will be with the great masses, who do not realize that they must change. Simply put, if the world changes, you must change too. The great masses will be hoping that the good old days will come back, and they will riot, blame governments, blame bankers and want them to change, but they will be unwilling to change themselves. That is the path to great unhappiness. You do not have to be like that.

You will have to learn how to live with less, and to be happy with what you do have. The best thing to do is to start preparing for a poorer world, including your world, and to learn to live with less. Not accepting this will cause you unhappiness. Accepting it is your key to learning how to be happy with less. Accept what is, instead of getting angry or depressed about what isn't. It doesn't make sense to curse the sun for setting, or the tide for coming in. They are beyond your control or influence, and so is the world economy. The opportunities to save the world economy ended 10 to 20 years ago. Accept it, like accepting the tide coming in.

Major downsizing is in order for most people. Take steps to providing the basic necessities for yourself. "Wants" are not necessities!

Next, realize that happiness is a state of mind. Happiness is achieved by accepting yourself, and doing whatever your life's purpose is.  You can find out more about this, by watching the videos below. These videos have changed lives. Watch and find out why. I do public speaking! Email me to have me speak to your group.

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"War Weary".... That's arguably insulting. On BBC news I have heard comments about both the US and the UK not wanting to intervene in Syria because their countries were "war weary". There were probably similar comments in other countries which had troops in Afghanistan or previously in Iraq.

Six days ago I got a toothache, and it got worse and worse over 3 days. On the fourth day I went to a dentist first thing in the morning, and had the tooth extracted. It was a difficult extraction, and the dentist had to cut my gums and then stitch them back together. He had given me novocaine and I felt no pain. He later gave me a prescription for painkillers and antibiotics. I went home, knowing I had extra strength Tylonol and I planned to try that before buying the prescrption painkillers.

Well the novocaine wore off rapidly, and Tylonol just wasn't doing it. As I was walking to the drugstore, with the pain now quite intense, I suddently thought about video images I had seen from Syria, Afghanistan and other countries, of civilians with a stump of a leg or a blown off arm wrapped in rags, and no medical treatment and no painkillers. Their pain would be much greater than mine, with no relief in sight.

I bought the painkillers and antibiotics with ease at a well stocked drugstore, and I had mild discomfort, but no real pain, within a few minutes.

I felt tired, so I had a nap on my couch. Outside, there was no  gunfire and no bombs exploding. Later I fixed a big pot of "soft soup" after easily procuring all of the ingredients.

If I related my story in countries with war zones, it might be thought of as some kind of insulting, sick attempt at humour. What do you think? Are you really  "war weary" or incredibly lucky to be living where you are?

Now, what were you complaining about?
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How to Have a Good Relationship

You have to know the differences between men and women, and be aware of the differences when you communicate.

The Differences

Women like sharing feelings and communicating and cuddling, and men like tits.

Men like watching sports on TV and talking about cars, and women seem to like crying.

Men can't see any sense in moving furniture while vacuuming, and women care about how their hair looks.

Women save letters and men save old baseball caps.

Men are good at barbecuing, and women usually don't smell too bad.

Women can open doors with a glance, and men can open jars. Some women can open jars but pretend they can't. Some men can't open jars but pretend they can. This is confusing to children.

And of course there's the toilet seat up and down thing.

How to Apply This Knowledge

A woman should never ask a man to vacuum when the game is starting in a few minutes. A man should never write anything in a letter that might be brought up at a later date. A man should occasionally let the woman put barbecue sauce on the meat, but he should never show her how to light the barbecue. If a woman is crying, it is especially important to put the toilet seat down. A woman should not ask a man to open a jar till there is a commercial on. If a man opens a jar he doesn't have to do anything else for the rest of the day. It is usually best not to try to feel a woman's tits when she is crying.

That's how you have a good relationship.

"About Five Songs"

Why I wrote some songs. A song with one word, a song with one line. The one line song helps me heal. A song you may know
may make your life better, after you understand how it can. Who to ask when you need help.

About 10 minutes long.
Google has figured out how to tell if you will go to heaven.

A google development team has come up with an algorithm with a high accuracy rate which can predict the probability of someone going to heaven or not. The google researchers had been working in secrecy on several "google mystery barges" which have been in the news lately. Phoney cover stories had been released to hide what was really going on. The team members were not allowed off the barge, and they were kept incommunicado, with all mobile devices confiscated.

With the project now over, one researcher, who wishes to remain anonymous, has disclosed some of what happened on the mystery barges, and some of what the new algorithm can do.

Besides the expected computer engineers and programmers that you would expect, google also employed numerous mediums. The mediums role on the team was to contact certain deceased people to find out if they were in heaven, and to enlist expert help from the other side.

Steve Jobs was an important part of the project, and apparently his contributions shortened the project by several months. But his fans will be disappointed to learn that he was not in heaven.

The algorithm is extremely complex. It includes up to ten thousand bits of data for each person. Some of the most important data includes credit scores, tidiness, voting records, charitable contributions, concern for the environment and frequency of smiles. Some of the factors which lowered scores were speeding tickets, bankruptcy and kicking dogs. The anonymous source stressed that all ten thousand odd bits of data were needed for accurate predictions. With all data in, an accuracy level of 99.5783% is claimed.

They ran numerous tests, and some of the results were very surprising.

For instance there is only a 96.7% chance that Mother Theresa is in heaven. By comparison, there is a 99.5% chance that Joe DiMaggio is in heaven.

With most data factored in, a person will usually get an initial score which is over 100%. Then to complete the algorithm, "take away" factors are included in the calculations.

An example was it initially looked like Michael Jackson would be in heaven for sure. But he lost points because he never disclosed that he copied the moon walk from someone else. His score dropped a lot further when they applied the pedifile penalty.

The research team was not privy to the intended uses of this research by upper management. However, rumours circulated that google will start charging fees ranging from $10,000 to over a million dollars, to people who want to find out what the odds are of them going to heaven. The rates will be determined by the net worth of the individual, which google knows of course.

How to Remove Duct Tape From a Cat

About 7 minutes long.

Movie Violence Affects Everyone, Including You

About 8 minutes long.
Did you know movies are recession proof and depression proof? It's true. Movies are low cost entertainment compared to concerts and sporting events. With the very high unemployment that will be coming, I will make a small amount from those who are still working.

You can invest in my best ever movie. It is VERY low budget. Because the budget is so very low, it will take only ONE sale to TV to make a nice profit. Investors in my movie will get profits for 10 years.

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