Why the coming depression cannot be stopped.

What's wrong with the world.

This is very important reading, to understand what is really happening.

Short articles which explain, bit by bit, what is wrong with the world, the true causes of the financial crisis, and the causes of the coming world wide economic depression. These articles will explain logically, something which ALL economists and ALL politicians and policy makers do not understand.

1. If you read everything here, you will understand something that others in your circle of people do not understand and probably never will.

2. If you read everything here, you will survive a lot better than others in your circle of people.

3. You will understand why the coming 20 to 30 year depression cannot be stopped.

The articles below, build on each other, until finally you get the full explanation.

August 15, 2013. The pizza story.

One day you chance upon a new pizza joint in your neighbourhood and you walk in and buy a slice of pizza. It is delicious and it cost less than the competition. You ask the owner what kind of drinks are available, and you learn he has only colas. You happen to sell a line of natural fruit juices, and you make a mental note to talk to the guy about it sometime. Maybe you can do business with him.

You visit again a few times, and one time you notice the owner's teen age son working there, and he is looking sullen and unhappy. Suddenly the owner screams at him, and humiliates him, and the boy is very hurt.

The next time you visit you see the owner's wife there, working with her back towards the counter. The owner yells at her and points to something and she has to turn to look. You notice she has a black eye, and she looks very unhappy.

Now, what about the little plan you had in the back of your mind, to talk to the owner about carrying your line of natural fruit juices..... would you still want to sell your fruit juices to him? Would you still want to buy pizza from him?

August 16, 2013. China has bad karma, and so do we.

The Chinese Communists have made monks and nuns fornicate at gunpoint on streets, and given pistols to children and made them kill their parents who were tied up. Protesters have been beaten and tortured and killed. Forced labour is used in prison camps and torture is used to get confessions of prisoners. Ethnic and religious minorities, journalists and activists are persecuted, and families and lawyers of human rights activists are targeted and threatened to silence them.

Yet the world loves their cheap goods. If you wouldn't buy pizza or sell your fruit juices to the pizza guy above, why do you buy goods made in China?

Note: I am not saying the Chinese people are bad. The Chinese Communist leaders are bad.

If we trade with them, we (unknowlingly, before reading this) create bad karma for ourselves, too.

August 19, 2013. Have you been dealing with criminals?

Around 2005 I was watching CNBC and I heard Joe Kernan talk about Yahoo. Yahoo had been convicted of click fraud. They had bumped up their pay per click count by 35%. 35% of the clicks they were charging for, were phoney. They were caught, and were going to be fined several million dollars. Joe Kernan casually mentioned this, and then mentioned that the fine would not significantly affect their bottom line. He was simply relating what the stockholders, or any potential stockholders wanted to know about the profits of Yahoo.

There was no talk about the crime that Yahoo had committed. Click fraud and fraud of any kind is a crime. People who commit crimes are criminals. The people at the top knew of this fraud/crime and they did it anyway, so they were criminals. The significant point is is that investors did not care about that, they only cared if the company made a profit. This is an example of the tolerance for crime that the general populace has, and it is the root of the financial crisis. It is not just those bad bankers, and those crooked CEO's, it is everyone. Do you have shares in companies who have done things like what Yahoo did? Then you are supporting criminal behavior and you are part of the problem too.

August 23, 2013. Bad Money, Bad Karma. Florida, the 1980's.

In the 1980's cocaine smuggling into Florida became the biggest industry in the state. The cocaine was distributed to every state in the US, and cocaine use became widespread throughout the world. It was during this time that I believe the karma of the world started to shift towards bad karma.

For instance, during the 80's, there were small banks which took in average weekly cash deposits of about 25 million. This would be from individuals, but mostly from small local businesses. During the 80's, average cash deposits at these small banks increased to 400 million. This would have to mean that certain individuals were bringing in millions in cash on a regular basis.

This would of course be noticed by the tellers, and the managers. If the tellers or managers did nothing, then they were helping, and benefiting, from criminals. This would mean that part of the paycheck of a teller for instance, was because of criminal activity. Indeed, because of the huge increase in cash deposits, extra bank staff would have to be hired, so the new staff would owe their jobs to criminal activity. Imagine a friend of a teller saying "How was your day today?" And the teller replies, "Kinda boring, except a guy brought in $12,000,000 cash today and it took 3 of us 4 hours to count it.". They exchange more comments with a wink regarding where the money probably came from. This quickly increases public tolerance for crime.

In other cases, criminals would pay cash for expensive cars, and even buy expensive houses, paying in cash. With the sales people making the sales, and not asking any questions about where the money came from. They too would have stories to tell their friends "about how their day went." Have you heard stories like that? Making the sales, and then telling stories like the above increases the public overall tolerance for crime. When public tolerance for crime increases, there is less public outrage over criminal activity. When there is less public outrage, the police are not pressed as hard to stop the criminal activity, and the criminal activity increases.  It obviously spread from small bankers like those mentioned in Florida, to Wall Street bankers, and bankers in London and other financial centers. All of that money has bad karma. It becomes laundered in time, but the overall, average level of the karma of everyone who touches that money afterwards is lowered.

One might say, "But there was a big outrage over the Wall Street bankers." Well the outrage was not big enough. That is why most of the convicted bankers were only fined, instead of imprisoned. The public includes judges remember, and they also are more tolerant of crime, than judges would have been a few decades earlier.

August 26, 2013. Printer cartridges, cheating students, tax cheater cash registers. 34% of university students cheat with term papers and essays. There is a whole industry that helps students cheat, for a fee. Merchants can get an app for their cash registers which excludes cash sales in the tally at the end of the day. The apps can be set to include some cash sales, and they can set the amount of cash that the cash register will show on the tally. They can decide how much to cheat on their taxes, based on what they think they can get away with. Over 30% of all cash registers in restaurants and bars have these apps.

When I get my printer cartridge refilled, I am offered a discount if I pay cash and don't want a receipt. (I pay the full amount and request a receipt.) Repairmen and renovators often offer this same type of discount. This is different than a "tolerance for crime". This is about a high percentage of the populace actually committing crimes. Anyone in these groups committing tax fraud are part of the bad money, and bad karma, which allowed and contributed to the financial crisis. The bad money and bad karma will continue on and create the coming Great Depression.

August 31, 2013. 80 Year Old Man, Ripped Off. During the subprime mortgage writing frenzy, an 80 year old man bought a house. Like many others, he signed the papers, believing he was getting a low interest rate. Many others signed similar agreements, only to find their mortgage interest rates were much higher after 12 months. In the case of this old man, his mortgage rate went to a much higher rate, after 24 hours! The mortgage broker who wrote up the agreement, did not break any laws. But dear reader, we both know that this was wrong, and so did the mortgage broker. I mention this to illustrate further, that the world is now very morally corrupted. This widespread moral corruption is another reason why the coming Great Depression cannot be stopped.

September 1, 2013. Cricket, soccer, and baseball. In the spring of this year there was news about hundreds of cricket matches being fixed in numerous countries, including England. There was a time when "that wouldn't be cricket" meant that something would not be of the highest ethics. Cricket was a fair and honest game when that expression meant something. This year there was also news of hundreds of soccer matches being fixed. I am a baseball fan, and I believe some umpires are being bribed to make calls favoring certain teams. I have kept rough tallies during some games, and found that in numerous games there were a disproportionate number of favorable calls given to certain teams. You can verify this by drawing a line down a page and keeping track of which team gets the most favorable calls in a game. And note the names of the umpires who are making these calls. You will be amazed. I believe there will be a big scandal about this soon, or in 2014 for sure. If there is cheating in "honorable sports" then it is everywhere, and it is this moral breakdown, and associated tolerance for cheating and crime which was the cause of the financial crisis, and which will be the cause of the coming crash and Great Depression.

September 9, 2013. Maybe the most important page on this site. This page is less read than some of the others, and it may be because people do not understand what I am getting at. If you have read this far, you are probably getting it. If you know someone who may say things like, "The market seems to be stabilizing" or, "There are tough new banking laws in effect now", you can send them a link to this particular page. The problem is not the banking laws, the problem is the worldwide moral sickness which is getting worse. This is the real reason why the world is in the mess that it is in, and why a crash cannot be stopped.

September 17, 2013. "Gangsta boyfriend wanted," I have seen ads on craigslist personals, by young women wanting to find criminal boyfriends. These young women were likely influenced by the ever increasing number of TV programs and movies about criminals. These programs and movies show the human side of the characters. Yes, criminals want relationships and they want to be happy like everyone else. They are also drug dealers, thieves, and murderers. But by showing their human side, they become appealing to some young women. Yes, there have always been criminals, and women who like them or love them. But the questions to ask on this date is "why are these programs and movies getting more popular, and why are they increasing in number?" It is another sign of the world's increasing tolerance of crime. It translates into public acceptance of unethical activity by politicians amd CEO's. It caused the financial crisis and it will cause the depression.

September 26, 2013. My 86 cent check from Yahoo. I have a connection to the crime committed by Yahoo, mentioned above. Prior to their crime conviction mentioned above, I had paid them around $2700 for paid "clicks" or paid visits to my website. One day I got a thick agreement in the mail from a law firm, which was going to conduct a class action, regarding the fact that 35% of the clicks that Yahoo had charged for, did not ever happen. I signed the papers and sent them back, thinking eventually I would get a check back for about 35% of my $2700, less legal fees.

Some time later I got a check for 86 cents. If they had taken 50%, that would likely be considered greedy. If they had taken 90%, some people would say there were crooks. What would you call them if they took 99%? Well, they actually took 99.9%!!

Why would they even bother to send me a check for 86 cents? Well imagine a press conference, with TV cameras, and the head lawyer saying something like "We are happy to report that we got a conviction against the fraudulent activity. We will be mailing out XXX thousands of refund checks to all of those who were victimized". Doesn't that sound good?

Lawyers can be included in the collective bad karma that the world is in right now. In this case they are part of a charade which pretends that "things are being taken care of, so a financial crisis cannot happen again." Ha ha.

2 more articles are coming which will conclude my explanation of the real reasons why the coming 20 to 30 year depression cannot be stopped.

New laws, regulations, and stiffer penalties will not do it. It would take the sudden change of mindset and morals in BILLIONS of people, and I don't see that happening, do you?

The percentage of people thinking about breaking the law is much higher now than it was prior to about 1980 when I believe the mentioned tolerance for crime started to grow.

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