Coming Great Depression will last 20 to 30 years. Multi wars too.  At least 6 new Hitlers will arise.

Some of my intuitive predictions for the future.

This was written August 26, 2010

As I write this, more and more people are starting to anticipate a "double dip" recession. Yes, that is coming, and after the second dip, a great economic depression, far greater than the "Great Depression" of the 1930's, will envelope the whole world.

It cannot be stopped. What world bankers did about 3 years ago was akin to a totally irresponsible individual debtor, using a brand new credit card with a higher limit to pay his most outstanding balances on his other maxed out cards, while also buying a bunch of new stuff. It did not solve anything, and
made the situation much worse.

Hitler emerged during the last Great Depression. There was mass unemployment and social unrest in Germany. Mass unemployment and social unrest in the whole world is ONLY JUST STARTING. It will get much worse during the soon to arrive "second dip" and then much much worse after that. During the 1930's, only a small percentage of the world was industrialized, able to create weapons and mobilize an army. For instance, all of South America and about 90% of Asia, was not capable of building a military airplane or a tank and so on.

Today, there are many countries capable of doing this. They can also build
missiles and so on. At least 56 other countries besides the US now have drone aircraft. Some of the toys the generals like to play with are getting cheaper.

With the great social unrest that is coming, 6 or more Hitlers will be able to seize power and attack their neighbors. There could be 10 Hitlers actually, as it will be relatively easy to do. The rest of the world will be powerless to do anything, as everyone will be overwhelmed with their own problems. (The many Hitlers will be counting on this actually.)

Hitler used the Jews as scapegoats. This time the US and many international companies will be scapegoats. The first sign of this happening will be windows being smashed at McDonalds and other high visibility US companies in foreign countries. Some McDonalds will be completely destroyed.

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