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How I make my predictions. About 24 years ago I took hypnotherapy training. I got the highest mark in my class. I began practicing hypnotherapy, and I advanced to the level where I was qualified to teach others how to be hypnotherapists.

I hypnotized hundreds of people in person, and produced a series of self hypnosis/meditation tapes. I sold thousands of the tapes which essentially taught self hypnosis. I have used self hypnosis on myself perhaps a thousand times. I have found that when in a trance, psychic flashes or intuitive flashes will come to me.

I regularly watch BBC World Business Report. Something I see something in the news, and I mute the audio, and take a few deep breaths and put myself into a trance. Oftentimes a vision or a thought will pop into my head relating to what I was just watching on TV. And that is how I make my predictions.

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Howdy Steve -
"I just encountered your Future News Now website and it was quite intriguing and enlightening. Most people would be somewhat afraid of what you have posted because it does sound somewhat apocalyptic, however I like to see your predictions and all that is coming in the future as a cleansing of our world. It has to go through the process of purging all that is dark and corrupt for light and love to come through.
Your style of delivery is very clear and succinct. Thank you for sharing your psychic connection and predictions with the world. Thanks for the information. I just extended an invitation to you from my LinkedIn account.

I hope you continue with the cause because more and more people are being awakened to spirituality and the psychic phenomenon. If I had your gifts I would definitely do exactly what you are doing."
Thank you kindly,

E. Williams, Florida
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Dear Steve,
I just stumbled upon your website and spent an hour or so going through it. Funny and informative and moving. Your Cup Of Love video was wise and touching.

I looked up your book, Stevie's Big Adventure. I cried my head off when I read about your childhood. I've been there too, though not quite as bad as your experience. My two brothers didn't make it though, both suicides.

Thank you for your wise, touching and funny website. I love ya man, keep on flying!

Terry P.

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