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Saving the environment
is hopeless

Around 1993 I was chatting with an engineer, talking about the ozone layer and saving the environment. I had come to the conclusion that saving the environment was hopeless. I had realized that conservation, and recycling would only slow the destructuction of the environment, and that it could not halt the destruction. The engineer agreed.

Twenty years later I feel the same way. On this page I will explain why I came to that conclusion, and why I now still feel the same way.

This does not mean there are no benefits to conservation and to reducing pollution. But you should be aware that you are not "saving the environment", you are only slowing it's destruction. An immediate benefit to recycling or
not letting used motor oil drain into a sewer is that you will feel better.

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In 2006, "An Inconvenient Truth" featuring Al Gore was alarming to many people in how rapidly the environment is deteriorating. I realized it was happening faster than I had thought.

As a movie director, I also noticed something else. There was one scene where Al Gore was talking about something, I forget what it was, and he said, "the problem is there are too many people".... as he said this, he sighed ever so slightly, and his shoulders slumped slightly.

Those are actually the most important words in the whole movie.

In a series of short stories and articles on this page, I will explain the significance of those words, and what will eventually be done to save humankind on this planet.
In October of 2013, research scientists at the National Ignition Facility (NIF) in California made a breakthrough in the development of fusion power. Fusion power is the process that powers the Sun. Fully harnessing fusion would mean that unlimited power would be available. This would mean no coal plants, no nuclear plants, no internal combusion pollution, no need to do fracking, no need for the tar sands and much more. There would be no pollution run offs into streams and rivers and then into the sea.

And there would be no fighting over oil, wouldn't that be nice?

However, the NIF is hampered by a lack of funds. It's budget is mostly focused on building better nuclear bombs. For "defence" of course.

Besides the "need" for better nuclear bombs, there is also a seeming need for the "war on terror" and the associated security measures at airports, ports and so on. It is all frightfully expensive, and takes resources away from anything which gives hope to saving the environment. For my plan on how to end terrorism, click here.

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