Written February 9th, 2011


Food riots will become widespread in the next few years. As I write
this, February 9th, 2011, the prices for basic food stuffs such as wheat, soybeans and corn are already rising.

Food riots are coming in numerous countries, with limited bloodshed and martial law in
some countries as a result. Several more revolts of the type seen in Egypt and Tunisia will mostly
be the result of food shortages which will be blamed on the respective governments.

The first "food riots" in the US too. They will be smaller in size than others in the
world, but they will be very high profile, with guns involved. They will be part of the overall
discontent, which will go by various names, not necessarily being called food riots. The riots will be
because welfare payments and food stamps are inadequate to cover rising food costs.

I had a psychic flash telling me that one city that will be involved will be Detroit. The term "food riot"
is used here to describe riots over lack of jobs and social services, as well as actual food.

May 30, 2016. The above prediction is a bit early, however, it will still happen. There have been some bloody riots, notably in Venezuela. When such riots come to the US they will be smaller than in some other countries, but they will be more bloody, because of all the guns in the US.

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