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How to make your own "Ending Terrorism Against Us" video.

To make this plan work, 300 or even more variations of this video, posted on hundreds of separate channels are needed.

I will make it easy for anyone to make their own video.

This can only be done properly after the present video is improved to the phase 1 level, with some better video clips, better photos, and the scene re-enactments, with the children speaking and children and adults singing.

How to actually make your own video. After phase 1 is done, on this page..... I will post a version of the video that is complete, except with no narrator, and no narrator voice. There will be blank spots where my face is now, and no narration will be heard.

Instructions will be given on how to download this template version, and how to put it into a simple editing system. Once this is done, it is simple to record
yourself with a webcam, phone, or any kind of video camera. You only have to
face the camera briefly near the beginning of the video and again near the end.
For the rest, you can just read the script which will be posted on this page.

And for those who prefer, I will also make a different template version with no audio at all. You watch it and then simply read the words as they appear on the screen while recording yourself with a webcam, phone or video camera.

Then, you add what you have recorded to the the first mentioned template video. Some minor editing ability is needed, but even someone who has never edited before can learn how to do it by searching for help on the net. It is elementary editing, and anyone who is determined can figure it out or get help from somone who knows simple editing.

Then, upload your video to your own youtube channel or facebook or instagram etc.

Celebrities can do this too!

This is an ambitious plan. It will work when many others get involved!!

It CAN happen! But first we have to get to phase 1, with the improved video.

Please send the links to these webpages to others.
This is a simple step you can take right now.
And please donate. Any amount will help.

Thanks. Steve

PS: In case you didn't realize it, the goal
of the videos, after millions of views, is to
encourage big protests. Protests ended the
Vietnam war.

Jane Fonda and other celebrities
helped end the Vietnam war.
Think of that. It can work here too.

Celebrities can be contacted through an online service, which has the addresses of 59,000 celebrities. Their website is here. After paying a membership, you can search their database for celebrities who have supported peace in the past. We then do a mass emailing to these celebrities. We only have to find ONE to have things really start to take off! More will follow!

This is not a wacko idea. This is a detailed, well thought out plan that can really work. This will be apparent after Phase 1 is completed, and we get even just a few local or minor celebrities, or a few unknown but beautiful or handsome local actors to do it. Then most anyone can see how it can be roled out big!

Despite my best efforts to explain everything here, I know that some people will not understand it. If you don't see how it can actually work, I ask that you please read everything here again, perhaps more slowly this time, and watch the video again. Thank you.

(Through the wonders of social media, this plan can work really fast, once it gets going.)

How I got the idea for this

On the morning of 9/11 I saw the second plane hit the second tower on TV. About two hours later I was talking to a westernized woman of Pakistani descent at a kindergarten where she was a teacher. I told her about the terrorist attack. Without hesitation she said, "It serves them right, they've been bombing everyone for years."

I was shocked to hear her say that. I knew thousands of innocent people had died that morning. I couldn't believe she had said that.

About a week later I was at an Alanon meeting and I heard a lady from NYC speak. She said, "I know we are supposed to talk about our alcoholics, but this past week I haven't been able to get the Twin Towers out of my head. What would someone have to do to be hated so much, that others would be willing to die to kill them?"

Right then, I knew it was a very profound question, and I told a friend it was "The Question of The Century."

I pondered both of these comments for a few months, and wondered if I could make a short movie which would make people think of a possible answer. But I didn't do anything except think about it.

9/11 was a long time ago. Since then I have won 8 awards for my short films, and learned a lot. I did a lot of research on the history of the Middle East, and came up with an idea for a short video. And more than that, I came up with a whole plan on what can be done to end terrorism against The West. The prototype video and the plan are presented here and on a webpage. I believe it is our best chance for peace. Without my plan being put into action, things will get worse and worse. I am doing this for the sake of my son and my grandchildren.

RECENT NEWS. New laptop bombs can evade detection and blow up planes. Banning them from some countries will not help. CNN article here. Stopping all attacks is impossible. The only method that will work is the plan in the video.

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