(This was written in the winter of 2011, updated a bit April 18

Martial law will come in some US cities, as a result of extensive riots and deaths.

With continuing high unemployment and home forclosures, the frustration of the people will go to the streets. People have forgotten about the term "double dip recession" and will be very frustrated with the prospects of the deepening depression, with no end in sight. Blame has been laid on the government, Wall Street, and the banks, but it is merchants with stores who will take the brunt of the vandalism.

There will be widespread comparisons to the Great Depression of the 1930's, and analyists are unable to figure out why this time there is so much violence.

The explanation is really quite simple.

1. This time, there is the feeling that everyone "deserves" a high standard of living, and that it should still be possible, in spite of the reality of world markets, and the shifting of economic power to other parts of the

2. There are a lot more guns per capita now than there were in the 1930's.

3. There is also a lot more drug addiction, and with less money for drugs, more people are in various states of withdrawal, thinking wild and crazy thoughts, and behaving irrationally.

4. With access to instant communications, demonstrations and rallys can be organized almost instantly, quickly mobilizing the many unemployed and frustrated people. While many will go with the intent to protest peacefully, because of the huge sizes of the crowds, they will be harder to control by the authorities, resulting in harsher and harsher control efforts. People will be trampled trying to get away, but finding it impossible with throngs blocking escape routes. Radicals, anarchists and terrorists
can spread misinformation and rumours instantly, with text messages and Twitter.

5. There are more war vetrans on the streets, suffering from different war trauma related mental illnesses. These people have knowledge and experience using guns, and a lowered regard for human life. They also have lowered regard for their own lives, leading them to do wild acts where they don't care if they are killed.

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Martial law will be the only solution for the authorities.

MY UPDATE, WRITTEN OCTOBER 14, 2011, with more added April 18, 2015

Looking at what I wrote last winter, my comments regarding the use of social media to start revolutions was apparent in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria, and it is happening NOW in the US. With the "Occupy Wall Street" movement. There will be other protests, which don't have names, or maybe they will have names. Some will become violent. The latest is the "Fight for $15" movement.

Let me explain. Most of the folks involved will not be violent people. But they
will very soon be joined by people who will become violent. With unemployment getting worse, more and more marginialized workers will join the protest ranks. Some of these will be drug addicts, who at one time earned their drug money by working. Now, they have to either turn to crime to get money for their drugs, or go through withdrawal. People going through withdrawal do not behave rationally. Many of them will have guns. They may be on the sidelines of the protests, but they will
soon get the most attention when some of them start shooting. There will be buildings burned and looting, worse than what happened in Britain.

With just one or two killed in a protest, they will not be really big news. After all, people are used to shootings where a lot more than one or two are killed.

The authorities will have no choice but to impose martial law in cities where this happens. My gut is telling me the first city to do this will be Detroit, but it could be elsewhere. At that time, news writers will comment upon the chances of it spreading to more cities. And it will be credible to believe at that time, that it could
spread to dozens of cities.

After some very harsh actions by the authorities, martial law will be lifted in some cities. Emergency increases in welfare and food handouts will be rushed into place.

When Obama was nominted it seemed that he would get elected for sure. At that time I told a friend "they will hate him in due course." The reason is as simple to me now, as it was to me when he was nominated. The problems he inherited cannot be solved. They have to run their course, which will take a minimum of 20 years. What I am saying is that a GREAT WORLD DEPRESSION is on it's way, and it cannot
be stopped.

Democracy around the world will suffer. Whole countries will impose martial law. It takes only a very small stretch of the imagination to see martial law and a military government in Greece anytime.

As the two legislative houses in the US demonstrate more and more incompetence there will be a movement to "temporarily" abolish them both. I predict there will be talk of this by mid to late 2016, and it will start by the use of "emergency powers" of the president and his advisory board to just start doing things without asking



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Reasonably priced entertainment will thrive. During the Great Depression of the 1930's, people still went to movies. This was with long lineups at the soup kitchens, and unemployment at something like 30%. Fortunes were made making movies.

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