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Some musings, written in 2012.
I may be early on some of my
November 16, 2012. Like all of my
predictions here, 12 to 24 months can be added to some of
them. I predicted there would be an assasination attempt on Obama, and indeed there was.... it was a lone guy with a gun and they caught him easily. There will be another attempt in the next while.

NOTE JULY 3, 2013. Two people sent letters poisoned with recin in June. There may have been other attempts to kill Obama which were not made public. There will be more.

October 14, 2012. My intuition is tellng me the Dow will drop 500 points in one day in the next few months, maybe in the
next few weeks. (It happened, twice.)

October 8, 2012. On May 21,  I
predicted that Germans would be called Nazis by
neighbouring countries. Today I see that in Greece they are being called just that, with Angela Merkel depicted as a Nazi, with a swastika armband, in a demeaning caricature.

September 30, 2012 I had a psychic flash and google was trading at 66 dollars. I am not sure of the date.

September 19, 2012
"What's wrong with the world. Why bankers are crooked, and there is corruption. Why a crash is coming, and it cannot be stopped."

These days there are comedy movies and shows about hit
men and other criminals. Some comedy movies have
violence which is suposedly funny. Comedy crime movies and shows like The Sopranos, "normalize" criminal behavior,  which makes it more acceptable. When it becomes more acceptable, more people do it, and honest people are less outraged then previously, which allows it to happen even more.

Consider this.... have you seen this NAPA auto parts
commercial? Several criminal types are planning a robbery. The leader guy goes to NAPA to buy a new fan belt, but then decides not to. His vehicle overheats and stops and they all get caught. The message is something like "If you are going to commit a robbery, make sure your vehicle s running properly." The commercial is meant to be funny. The problem is most people do think it is funny. It is insidious and it is affecting the masses without them knowing it. If you think the commercial is OK, then you are part of the problem. But you are not alone.

I created this website to reveal the things that I notice, which most people don't. If you understand the importance of this, and want to help, please tell others.

Here are 4 of my quotes. Please give me credit if you use them.

1. "Your big dream is outside your comfort zone. So if you have been working on something that you call your big dream, and you are not scared, then your dream isn't big enough."

2. "If at least some people do not think you are weird, then you are not really creative."

3. "It doesn't cost anything to be a bit weird."

4. "Your soul doesn't give a rats ass about being politically correct. Like wild flowers blooming in a war zone, your soul wants you to bloom too, no matter what is happening around you. Your soul is seeking truth."

September 7, 2012
After the banking crisis, the Fed drastically dropped interest rates, and then pumped money which they created out of thin air, into the system. The government came up with other ideas which included the huge stimulus package, and a plan for minor mortgage relief, and the "cash for clunkers" program.

Some people bought new cars, and there seemed to be some success with these ideas. But all of those ideas were done with borrowed money. Consider this, if you were in a relationship and you suddenly lost your self employed
income, your partner could buy some goods or services from you, using their credit card. But looking at the total balance sheet for your relationship, what has happened is the total balance sheet is looking worse than it did before.

During the banking crisis, the Fed and the government got
their best brains together in many meetings. Basically, they did their best idea first, then their second best idea, then their third best idea and so on. All of the best ideas have been used already. With both the Bush and Obama administrations.

It doesn't matter if you liked the political parties they were in or not. The fact is they were intelligent people, who did things after participating in many brainstorming sessions.

With the upcoming presidential election in the US, both
Clinton and Trump have many thousands of volunteers
working very hard, hoping to bring about meaningful
change and make a difference in the lives of the populace.

The reality is that the millions of volunteer hours spent
supporting their respective heros are wasted.

Here's why. Both are making promises which are based on misinformation. Whoever wins will find  that "the books" are in worse shape than
they thought. Right now, they doesn't know how bad things
really are.  They will find that their great plans are in fact not
doable for lack of funds.

Whoever wins will not know that they will be fed tons of
misinformation by the military industrial complex, and that they will be manipulated and fooled into doing things they said they would not do.

The supporters of whoever wins will think that this time it will be different,
and that the bills they will present will be so logical and
necessary that they will pass easily. Reality is that any bills they present will include add on stupid bills.

For instance, after Hurricane Katrina, there was a bill
presented in the house for emergency funding for hurricane relief. You would think something like that would pass quickly. But one guy wouldn't vote for it until his bill for subsidies to peanut farmers was included in the Katrina bill. It doesn't matter who is president, because whoever is in will get bogged down trying to get things done with money that doesn't exist, and guys like the guy who got his way for his peanut farmer subsidy. If you are not sure who to vote for, why not just flip a coin?

August 29, 2012. "How to Get Millions to Believe a Lie in
Just a Few Days"

Hitler had to repeat his lies for several years before he got
the masses to believe them. Now it can be done in just a few days.

A few days before the 10th anniversay of 9-11 (around September 5-10th, 2011)  there were newscasts about a possible terrorist attack. I had a  flash, and my intuition told me it was not true. And indeed, nothing happened. Then why the big scare? Was there really an attack planned?

There are people who use fear to control the masses, and to make money too. You can find out about this by searching the net for "The Politics of Fear".

Imagine this scenario..... a general is at a cocktail party and complains to a CIA guy about the military not getting
enough money. (Generals never have enough money.... they have an insatiable appetite for new killing toys. It never ends.) He asks the CIA guy if he can do anything.

Here is how a lie can be believed by the masses in only a few days. It can go like this.... this came to me when I had my flash a year ago....The CIA guy, who is higher up, calls an Arabic speaking operative, and tells him to tell a trusted informer that something big is being planned for the anniversary of 9-11. The trusted informer who has given reliable information in the past, passes along what he hears to his "handler" or whateve they are called. The handler passes it to his bosses, and it is immedietly a buzz
throughout the CIA. They inform the White House of
course. Last September, a few days before September 11,
Hillary Clinton went on TV saying something like "we have
reliable sources and believe there is an attack planned for
September 11". She looked very sincere. Do you remember that? Thousands of extra security forces were mobilized in NYC. It was all very visible, and it was on TV around the world. The masses believed there was an attack planned.

Here's why it worked so well: Hillary Clinton BELIEVED
IT WAS TRUE. It goes back to the "trusted informer" who
BELIEVED what he was told, and he was passing along
what he BELIEVED WAS TRUE, to his handler guy, who
BELIEVED IT WAS TRUE, and it was circulated throught the CIA, and THEY ALL BELIEVED IT WAS TRUE. Well, except the ONE GUY who knew it was false. The operative in the Middle East knew it was false as well, and he may have been killed, or he didn't care because it was part of his well paying job. The people in NYC and those watching TV saw all the activity and they were scared. Result: The funding wanted by the general gets appropriated. With public support no less. All done in a few days. Hitler would be so jealous.

Poor Hillary, and Obama too. They don't know they are
being manipulated.

August 27, 2112.
I used to practice hypnotherapy, and in the association I was in I advanced to the level where I could teach hypnotherapy to others. I know a lot about how the human mind works. Others do too of course, and they include people in the military industrial complex who manipulate politicians. Hitler knew how to manipulate too.

Our minds are capable of believing incredible lies. Hitler
convinced millions that the Jews were inferior, and they
should be exterminated. He did it by repeatedly reciting an incredible lie, which was eventually believed by millions. This is the mind, twisting reality.

Millions of people believe Michael Jackson was a pedifile, and guilty of sexually molesting children. But others remember his dance ability, and his songs, and they do not want to believe that, so they do their own twisted thinking to believe it was not so. They cite that he was acquitted. But acqutted does not mean innocent. And some of those people believe the District Attorney was out to get him, and dreamed up phoney evidence and so on. They don't have someone like Hitler twisting their thinking, they are doing it themselves.

They could "untwist" their thinking by recalling a story
about someone they know who got off a drunk driving
charge with a smart lawyer. Maybe that even happend to
them. And they could further "untwist" their thinking by
honestly answering this question..... "If Michael Jackson
were alive today, would you let a child you know stay
overnight with him?" But they do not think about drunk
driving acquittals, or think about their answer to the
question. They want to keep their twisted thinking. Those
running Hitler's gas chambers did not ask themselves logical questions either. Weird huh? Similar mind tricks are being used by the masses to believe that a Great Depression isn't coming.

But it is. And it cannot be stopped. By anyone.
During the coming hard times many people will be doing jobs they thought they would never do. Many more people will be in poverty, and some will sink to degrading endeavours to survive.

I have worried about this for myself. But I have started a part time business which will make me money, even when times are tough.
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