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Some new comments here in point form. I don't feel like writing in detail.

1. The G-20 agreed to avoid protectionism, trade wars and currency devaluation. But it is actually in full swing now. It started quietly some time ago. It is one of the early signs of a coming depression.

2. Quotes from central banks: The Bank of England..."we are well prepared to handle a crisis"..... The European Central Bank... "We will take any necessary action".... The Fed, "Ready to take action." These comments are for the sheep folks. They used their best ideas years ago.

They are all now doing things they criticized Japan for doing.

The "Japan Effect" is coming to the whole world!!

3. The realization that the Japan Effect is coming everywhere will start soon.

4. The realization that contaigion regarding Brexit will affect the whole world is also coming soon. In 10 to 100 days, difficult to predict.

5. The realization that the Eurozone is breaking up will be coming soon.

6. The realization that the "ghost cities" in China will not fill up for 50 plus years will happen soon. This will be a major factor in the China crash.

7. Very soon, any day now, the Italian banks will be in the news. They will create problems much bigger than Brexit. They will make Brexit look like the The White Cliffs of Dover compared to the Rocky Mountains.

8. British property funds problems are coming any day too, and they will also make Brexit look small, for the effect they will have on the markets.

The markets will have a 100 to 500 day decline starting soon.

30% to 40% unemployment is coming HERE. It will take about 4-5 years.

Rents will drop. The prices of services will plummet. People will be doing things they thought they would never do. An example, educated women in Greece now, are prostitutes.

It cannot be stopped. Look elsewhere on my site for the many reasons.


Trump wants to build a wall to keep out Mexicans. Before you say that is a dumb idea, consider this: China has a great wall. And there are almost no Mexicans in China. And some say he is stupid.

June 25, 2016. I have little time for this site. If someone will donate each month I will keep adding to it.

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Dog killings coming......

In coming years people will not be able to afford to keep their cats and dogs. They will want to find happy homes for them. "Adoption services" will spring up, offering to find homes, often in the country, on farms etc, for a fee.

The average city has over 50,000 dogs, yet within 200 miles there may be only a few hundred farms and ranches. Soon it will be almost impossible to find homes. Some operators will start killing the pets. Mass graves will be found on the outskirts of cities. This is coming without a doubt. It will take a few years.
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      A definition of stupidity

If you wanted to give money to someone to keep safe, would you give it to a cocaine addict? How about a cocaine addict with a gambling problem?

People who buy Japanese yen as a "safe haven" to put their money are being as stupid as someone who gives their money to a cocaine addict with a gambling problem. At one time, the Japanese managed their currency prudently. But they have been completely irresponsible for years now, and it looks like no one has noticed!

Don't be stupid. Don't follow the sheep.

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