My intuitive predictions

Updated May 30, 2016

Gold will be about $2000 by about the end of 2016.

Gold will be about $2500 to $3000 by the end of 2017.

Gold will be over $10,000 by around 2018.

Riots will be in the news constantly, in Greece, Venezuela, Brazil, France, and other countries. (This is explained in an article elsewhere about "food riots". The riots will not be just about food. There will be riots in the US in 2017. Lots of them.

The "Leave the Euro" movement in Germany will get very public, with news of it around the world.

China's real estate bubble will show start to burst this year, and in 2017 it will be well underway. It will start slowly and the burst.

There will be riots, with extensive bloodshed in Venezuela, in 2016, getting worse in 2017.

Google will be worth about $100 per share by around 2018.

There will be a big financial crisis soon, and it will involve The Eurozone, India, Brazil, China and Russia. Markets in the whole world will be rattled. There will be suicides over stock losses, in Japan, Korea, and China.

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October 4, 2013. The Debt Ceiling Crisis - The lifeboat is sinking and the clowns are in charge.

Imagine you're in a lifeboat with about 30 others. You have been drifting for about a week, with no oars. The lifeboat is leaking and slowly sinking. No one seems to be in charge, though there are people onboard with titles and degrees. No one organizes regular bailing, but some of those onboard bail from time to time. Some do not bail at all, leaving it up to the others. They are thinking about when they get back home, and getting back to their day trading, and flipping houses. There is one guy onboard who comments on how the water in the lifeboat is getting deeper, which means the lifeboat is sitting deeper in the water. No one pays any attention to him, but you notice that he is right.

The amount of freeboard is steadily decreasing. This means that even smaller waves can now wash over the top of the lifeboat. You think back to something you heard one time..... "Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning". You noticed the sky was red that morning, and you know that means a storm is coming.

Many of the others in the lifeboat have duffel bags with them. You wonder if any of them contain much that can help you survive. You wonder if the owners will share their contents. You wonder if there was a qualified captain in charge, if the law of the sea would require that everything be shared. Then one guy opens his duffel bag and tries to sell a warm coat, but no one has his asking price so he puts it away. You lean forward with your knees bent, and your head resting on your knees, and have a nap.

When you awaken, you notice the wind has picked up, and that there are dark clouds on the horizon and a storm is surely coming. You also notice that some of the passengers are now dressed in clown suits, with their faces painted. What some of them had in their duffel bags is now apparent. And though they seemed intelligent before, these few are now mostly making silly jokes and talking meaningless nonsense. Those who are not clowns have apparently given the clowns the authority to be in charge of the lifeboat.

If the boat isn't bailed out immediately and a sea anchor isn't rigged up to keep the boat pointed into the growing wind and waves, capsizing is imminent. The clowns decide it is a good time to give everyone extra rations and to arrange some entertainment. This is Washington, October, 2013.
October 8, 2013. This came to me last night. China will start dumping the US dollar. They hold 1.45 TRILLION in cash and treasuries, and behind the scenes, they are freaking out at what is happening in Washington regarding raising the debt limit. All of the disagreement in Washington can ONLY be very bad for the dollar. The US credit rating is likely to drop again, and this will lower the value of the dollar. The drop in the dollar means their TRILLIONS will shrink in value, and they know this. It will affect you, A LOT. Your income will drop.

They will begin quietly selling US assets as quickly as possible, behind the scenes as much as possible. But it will not go unnoticed, and their sales will cause the dollar to fall even more. Other countries and big institutions will begin dumping too. Then China will jump in with "massive dump days" causing the US dollar to absolutely plummet.

And they will be buying gold of course. Gold will begin to skyrocket quite soon.

A trillion is one thousand billion. If they dump 10 billion per day, it would take 140 days to dump it all. As the dollar drops, they will be inclined to dump it faster and faster. Gold: UP! UP! UP!

Other holders of US debt include Japan with 1 trillion, the UK with 347 billion, Brazil with 211 billion, Taiwan with 153 billion and Hong Kong with 122 billion. Most every country has some US debt. They will start dumping too. They will try to do it quietly. I believe it is happening now.
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My most important prediction for 2017, made January 16.

The CIA will kill Trump. He's gotten out of hand. They helped to get him elected to get his support for more military spending. They forced FBI director James Comey to say the FBI was investigating Clinton's emails just before the election. He knew it could end his career and make him look stupid. So why did he do it? Probably threats, intimidation, coercion or blackmail. He knew it was better to be disgraced for releasing news of the investigation, than the alternatives. Maybe they had video of him in some kinky sex, or fraud or something? It was his best choice at the time.

It helped get Trump elected like they wanted, but now he is too unpredictable. He will have to be removed somehow. If they want to impose martial law, they can make it look like terrorists did it. Or they can make it look like a heart attack or some other health problem. They know how to do it. They will probably give him a bit of time in office to see if they can somehow control him. If Trump seems to change a lot quite soon, you will know they are controlling him. If he doesn't change, it will be game over for him.  It won't be the end of the world. Mike Pence will be president and the CIA/military industrial complex will control him the same as they control all presidents. With misinformation. Life will go on.